Rights of Consumers Under Debt Review: Empowering Readers with Knowledge

Navigating the world of debt can be overwhelming. Amidst this challenging journey, one of the most empowering tools at your disposal is knowledge. Specifically, for South Africans grappling with debt, understanding your rights under debt review can make a significant difference. At FinFix, we firmly believe in the mantra – knowledge is power. Let's delve into the rights of consumers under debt review, equipping you with essential insights for your journey towards a debt-free life.

1. The Right to Apply for Debt Review: Every South African has the right to apply for debt review if they find themselves unable to meet their financial obligations. This process is facilitated by registered debt counsellors, ensuring you're in professional hands while seeking how to get out of debt.

2. Protection from Credit Providers: Once under debt review, credit providers cannot take legal action against you for a period of 60 working days from the date of application. This period provides a window for your debt counsellor to assess your situation and negotiate on your behalf.

3. Fair Assessment and Recommendations: Debt counselling promises a fair evaluation of your financial situation. This impartial assessment paves the way for feasible and tailor-made recommendations, providing sustainable paths for debt relief and consolidation.

4. Confidentiality: Your financial situation and the fact that you've sought debt review remain confidential. Debt counsellors are bound by strict privacy protocols, ensuring your data is protected.

5. The Right to a Restructured Payment Plan: Under debt review, your counsellor will work closely with your credit providers to negotiate a restructured payment plan. This often results in reduced monthly payments, allowing you to manage your debt more effectively.

6. Access to Clear Communication: Throughout the debt review process, you have the right to be informed. From the initial assessment to the proposed payment plans, every step should be transparent, ensuring you're never in the dark about your financial roadmap.

7. The Right to Exit Debt Review: Once you've met all your restructured payment obligations, you have the right to a clearance certificate. This document signifies that you're debt-free from the accounts listed under the debt review. Furthermore, if your circumstances improve considerably during the review process, you can exit after settling your debts.

8. Protection of Assets: Under debt review, your assets, like your home or vehicle, are protected from repossession. As long as you adhere to the restructured payment plan, credit providers cannot claim these assets.

9. Fair Fees: Debt counselling fees are regulated, ensuring that you're not overcharged for these services. This standardization is in place to protect consumers and ensure the process is as affordable as possible.

Consolidation and Its Role:

For many under debt review, consolidation emerges as a viable strategy. It involves merging multiple debts into a singular manageable debt, often with better interest rates. While debt review and consolidation are distinct processes, they can sometimes intertwine, offering consumers a comprehensive approach to becoming debt-free.

The Empowerment of Knowledge:

Understanding your rights is the first step in regaining control over your financial destiny. While debt can feel like an insurmountable mountain, tools like debt review, coupled with the rights it grants consumers, provide a tangible path forward.


Being armed with knowledge is one of the most empowering strategies when confronting debt. At FinFix, we're dedicated to providing South Africans with insights, support, and tools to navigate their financial challenges. By understanding your rights under debt review, you're better positioned to make informed decisions and craft a brighter, debt-free future.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide a general understanding of the rights of consumers under debt review. It should not be considered as financial advice. For personalized recommendations and support, always consult with a professional, like our team at FinFix.

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