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Protecting your assets

Thousands of South Africans find themselves in situations where debt repayments are simply no longer affordable. Many of these persons end up losing valuable assets that they have spent many years paying. This does not need to happen. We can help you keep your assets.

Become debt free!

Keep your assets protected from repossession 

Pay less on debt instalments


Secure accounts in arrears

Prevent legal action by creditors

Missed payments on any of your debt?

» Having missed payments on credit agreements could be stressful. A never ending barrage of calls, messages and threats become the norm. » Missing payments unfortunately will have consequences – and the once friendly credit provider will no longer have the peaceful demeanor you are accustomed to.  » If you have missed payments and you are worried about losing your house or vehiclecontact us. We can help you keep your assets and pay less.  » Don’t wait for the debt collectors to come knocking.


Immediate cash flow relief.

No more debt worries.

Lowered interest rates possible.

FinFix Shared Services (Pty) Ltd trading as FinFix is registered with the NCR (NCRDC3062). (Privacy policy/POPIA compliant.) FinFix will not share any information with any unauthorized parties nor use the information supplied by consumers other than the intended purpose. Consumers who supply FinFix consultants with personal identification information consent and authorise FinFix to obtain said consumers full credit record from any/all registered credit bureaus and any other registers that may contain any of users credit information. Consumers also authorise FinFix to store credit and account information in their system for as long as it may be necessary, in order to perform the functions as envisioned through Section 86 of the National Credit Act.


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